Outstanding Used Rifle and Pistol Brass for Home Reloading

9mm Range Brass, 2K


9mm Mixed Mfgr, screened range, Brass cases. 2000 pieces

These cases may have been polished or sized, decapped, annealed or trimmed and are NOT YET loaded ammunition.  These cases have only been screened and counted by weight and so have only been briefly  inspected.  a few extras will be added just incase we missed something.

We have thousands of pounds on hand so your order will ship immediately.

These cases are sold 'as-is'.  A few additional pieces have been added incase we missed something.

These cases come from indoor or outdoor 'covered' ranges and may have minor dings, dents or slight imperfections and flaws and stains which can be easily removed upon resizing, cleaning or will be 'shot out' upon the first firing.