Outstanding Used Rifle and Pistol Brass for Home Reloading

32 Winchester Special, 'Remington' brass 20 pk

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.32 Winchester Special, 'Remington', brass cases rifle cases. 20 pk

These.32 Winchester Special, 'Remington', used rifle brass cases are for reloading rifle ammunition. They are always delivered clean and may have been polished by kensbrass.com for better quality assessment. 

*Similar brand brass provides a more consistent shot placement because the gilding metal used varies from brand to brand.  The harder the gilding metal, the more energy is taken to fire form the brass to fit the chamber.  This has a minimal output effect on the muzzle energy but at distance any difference can be a big difference.  The metal Remington uses is very consistent and will provide even greater accuracy on longer shots while being malleable enough to give you that extra use..

These cases come from indoor or outdoor 'covered' ranges and may have minor dings, dents or slight imperfections and flaws which can be easily removed upon resizing or will be 'shot out' upon the first firing.

These cases have been used and so are sold 'as-is'.