Outstanding Used Rifle and Pistol Brass for Home Reloading
  • .338 Win Mag, Assorted Brand, Nickel Plated 20 pk.

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    .338 Win Mag, Assorted Brand, Nickel Plated 20 pk.

    These .338 Win Mag, Assorted Brand, Nickel Plated cases are for reloading rifle ammunition.  They have only been given a courtesy polish by kensbrass.com and are NOT YET loaded ammunition.   
    Any dents or slight imperfections and flaws will be easily removed upon resizing or will be 'shot out' upon the first firing.
    This is a used product that has only been visually inspected and not been processed by kensbras in any way. 
    *We have added additional piece to mitigate the possibility of non visual defects that occur with magnum cases such as over expansion that could effect function.  Used brass purchasers should acknowledge this is a used product and some inconsistent pieces and other variances should be expected.  
    As with any used product, these cases are sold 'as-is'.