Outstanding Used Rifle and Pistol Brass for Home Reloading

8mm Mauser, 'Musgrave' Used Brass cases. 20pk


8mm Mauser, 'Musgrave' Used Brass cases. 20pk

These 8mm Mauser 'Musgrave' brand Once fired Used brass cases are for reloading rifle ammunition.  These cases are all in excellent condition and with their primer crimps still in place insuring their 'once fired' condition.  

*Just a note about these particular pieces. They arrived mixed with other brands that had rim / ejector damage.  NONE of these had similar damage which is a testament to their hardiness and durability.  Great Brass cases.  

Sale Ends Sunday 3/25/08

They are always delivered clean and may have been polished for better quality assessment and are ready for case prep and loading. An additional piece has been added to insure every piece you ordered is functional.

These cases are all Boxer Primed.  

This is a limited product offering.  I do not see this brass often enough to have it as a specific product. So this page will be removed when the current inventory is gone. 

These cases come from indoor or outdoor 'covered' ranges and may have minor dings, dents or slight imperfections and flaws which can be easily removed upon resizing or will be 'shot out' upon the first firing.

These cases have been used and so are sold 'as-is'.