Outstanding Used Rifle and Pistol Brass for Home Reloading
  • 45 ACP Small Primer

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    .45 ACP, Assorted Brands, 'Small Primer', used brass cases. 100pk

    These .45 ACP, Assorted Brands Brass cases with Small Primer pockets are for reloading pistol ammunition and are not yet loaded ammunition.  They are always delivered clean and may have been polished by kensbrass.com for a better quality assessment .   

    These cases come from indoor or outdoor 'covered' ranges and may have minor dings, dents or slight imperfections and flaws which can be easily removed upon resizing or will be 'shot out' upon the first firing.

    I personally use these for a few reasons.  First, the price. Traditionalist shun these which leaves these readily available.  My Dillion 650 'likes' these especially when I load rapidly with fewer 'flipped' primers and its just one fewer system that needs to be changed between loading other rimless pistol sizes.

    These cases are a used product and so have been fired and are therefore sold 'as-is'.